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Trade Secrets Archives

News and Notes Focused on the 3 Public Faces of IP Law

  • Brand Image Protection - Trademark Law
  • Visual Image Protection - Copyright Law
  • Personal Image Protection - Right of Publicity Law

The Image Protection Law blog has been created in order to share stories and information on the legal aspects of: 1) the marketplace reputation of a company or product captured in its trademark, 2) published or publicly-displayed artwork, photography, and any created visual design, and 3) use of a person's photograph or likeness for product promotion or other commercial purposes.

The "IP3" share at least one thing in common: Image is everything. In these posts let's look at what that means in the realm of intellectual property in the news, but let's also be prepared to explore if there's something more beyond "everything." Don't forget, the intellectual in "intellectual property" doesn't mean smart or brainy, although by nature true creators often are. The word is used to refer to any creation, i.e., a "product of the mind." While this blog will be regularly updated, you are encouraged to share your thoughts on these posts.

Epic Games and Fortnite are in the intellectual property news again

On Oct. 25, Epic Games sued a former employer for misappropriating a trade secret and breaching a nondisclosure agreement when he allegedly publicized information about a new season of the game before its Oct. 15 release, according to WRAL TechWire.

Recipe theft? Beer giant accuses another of stealing trade secrets

In March, MillerCoors sued Anheuser-Busch after AB’s prominent Bud Lite Super Bowl ad and billboard campaign highlighting that MC uses corn syrup in the brewing process for Miller Lite and Coors Light. MC accused AB of misleading the public into thinking MC’s beer brands include consumable corn syrup, when the ingredient is instead a brewing agent that does not make it into the final product, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the time.

Can a company claim its diversity data is a trade secret?

We have talked about trade secrets, a type of intellectual property that has no government process of registration like copyrights or trademarks. Yet, trade secrets can be highly valuable and important to the success of a business. A trade secret is specific information within a company that, if it became public or were discovered by another company, could have negative impact on the trade-secret owner's competitiveness and economic success.

The use of nondisclosure agreements in trade-secret protection

Our law firm regularly helps businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs to protect their trade secrets from exposure to and misappropriation by competitors. We have written in this space before about the importance of trade secrets to commercial success and stressed the importance of proactively erecting legal and physical barriers around trade-secret information.

Texas judge upholds large jury award in trade-secret case

Keeping trade secrets just that -- secret -- can make or break the success of a company. We have written in this space extensively about ways to keep a business's trade secrets safely away from the public or from competitors. One of those is to write ironclad nondisclosure provisions in contracts with other businesses when the commercial relationship could reveal the details of internal processes to those business partners. 

Intellectual property rights in the restaurant industry

At our San Francisco law firm, we advise California clients in the restaurant industry like owners and chefs about how to protect their valuable intellectual property. After all, food professionals invest significant creativity as well as money into their livelihoods. 

California jury awards millions for trade-secret theft

In recent posts, we have discussed the difficulty of protecting trade secrets in this age of rapidly advancing technology. It is easier than ever for an employee or contractor to digitally abscond with valuable commercial secrets

Impact of technology on trade-secret security

In recent posts, we have been discussing the nature of trade secrets, the importance of nondisclosure policies and agreements with employees and business partners, and the remedies provided under California law for trade-secret misappropriation. One of the reasons these issues have quickly risen to the forefront of intellectual-property protection is the explosion of technological advances. 

How can a business owner or company protect trade secrets?

In our competitive markets, businesses often attribute actual or future commercial success to important information or processes unknown to competitors: trade secrets. California statute defines a trade secret as “information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or process” with “independent economic value” precisely because it is unknown outside the business due to reasonable efforts to keep it secret. 

Dow sues Turkish company over opaque-paint trade secrets

At our law firm, we advocate for clients with ownership interests in trade secrets, meaning private information confidentially held that has economic or commercial value to the owner. Think, for example, of a manufacturing technique or chemical formula. We use a variety of legal means to protect our clients' trade secrets from misappropriation by others. 

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