Creative ideas deserve creative solutions – not cookie-cutter counsel. In more than 40 years of experience litigating complex intellectual property matters, I have helped artists, business owners and other creators protect their most valuable assets.

Intellectual property lawyer serving the Bay Area and beyond for 40 years

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Copyright Law 

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Trademark Law

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Trade Secret Law

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Right Of Publicity Law

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Nothing Is More Powerful Than A Bright Idea

My name is Lawrence G. Townsend, and I help people and organizations in a full range of intellectual property (IP) matters. But please, since clients and friends call me Larry, you should, too.

As an IP attorney, I zealously guard the creations, innovations and proprietary intangibles of my clients. By the same token, when called upon to defend my clients in suits for trademark or copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, infringement of the right of publicity or unfair competition, I do so vigorously and with the same results-oriented representation.

A Trial-Tested IP Litigator

While many intellectual property disputes are resolved without the need for trial, being prepared for litigation puts clients in the best position to succeed. I approach every case with an eye toward trial, which means I take every opportunity to boldly advocate for my clients’ best interests and advance their position toward a favorable outcome.

I draw on 40 years of experience in intellectual property litigation in state and federal courts, as well as experience resolving IP conflicts on an international scale. I have seen many disputes over intellectual property play out, and I know how to anticipate and counteract tactics from opposing parties on any side.

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Why I Chose IP

For me, the chosen path was informed by DNA and about as natural as stepping onto an airport people mover. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were pioneering IP lawyers here, dating back to the 1860s. But here’s why I chose a one-way ticket: IP lawyers who are as passionate as their clients get the chance to explore a remarkably wide channel of creativity and expression for problem-solving, alongside industry pioneers, creators, art makers, risk-takers, innovators and ideators – not to mention countless tinkerers and “thinkerers” – the lifeblood of what has always defined California exceptionalism.

How fun is that?

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What Clients Say

“California technology startup Isobaric Strategies and I were completely vindicated in a trade secret lawsuit brought by a publicly traded company. Attorney Townsend, whom I highly recommend, secured a unanimous verdict in our favor after a four-week trial by jury.”

Leif J. Hauge
Isobaric Strategies, Inc.