Trademark Law Overview

Trademarks are names or logos which serve to identify the source of goods or services. Generally the more distinctive the trademarks, the more they succeed in distinguishing the goods and services of the trademark holder from others. By definition, a trademark is a way to protect brand names and therefore plays a key role in business and commerce.

As with copyrights and trade secrets, however, trademark law is specialized and complex. To avoid the pitfalls, especially in trademark litigation, it’s essential to have an attorney with deep experience and knowledge of the law

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What Type Of Trademark Issue Are You Facing?

Trademark matters may begin with clearing (searching availability) of a trademark to be adopted to trademark litigation in federal court and everything in between: registering trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); obtaining registrations of trademarks internationally; opposition, cancellation and concurrent use proceedings before the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board; negotiating coexistence and consent agreements to resolve certain types of trademark “boundary” disputes; and domain name disputes and UDRP arbitration proceedings.

I can help you take care of registering your trademark or asserting other trademark-related interests. As an IP lawyer in for decades, I know how to guide you through this process.

I am also no stranger to trademark disputes that result in litigation. No matter what side of the dispute you are on, I can advocate effectively for your interests.

I’m well-aware of how complicated these cases can be. That is why I have included an FAQ on trademarks.

Your Legal Rights And Options

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