Copyright Law Overview

Copyright law grants certain exclusive rights in creative works, including the right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display and prepare adaptations and derivative works based on the original. If any of these rights in your work are infringed by another, or your work is accused of infringing, you need strong, and skilled representation capable of navigating the complex and technical landscape of federal copyright law.

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What Type Of Copyright Issue Are You Facing?

With over 40 years of experience in copyright law in the Bay Area, I have the versatility and resources to respond to a full range of copyright concerns. This includes:

  • Litigation — Whether prosecuting or defending copyright claims, and whether the issue is ownership, money damages, fair use, or public domain material, I can help.
  • Publishing Law – Whether it’s a new publishing agreement or counseling on whether there are grounds for reversion of rights in a non-productive prior publishing agreement, you should speak to an experienced publishing law attorney.
  • Transactions – It is best to draft and implement sound agreements on work for hire, licensing and other copyright issues right from the start. This helps minimize the risk of litigation later.

As an author myself, I know how critical copyright protection is, yet I also understand how complex the law can seem. It doesn’t have to be. Because you probably have many questions, and I have tried to address some of the most common ones on my copyright FAQs page.

Get The Counsel You Need

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